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quarta-feira, 28 de julho de 2010

♥ Eu avisei!!!

Lembram o que eu falei aqui ...

Madonna, desde 1984 lançando e confirmando tendências. #FATO

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IPL Photofacial or anti-aging treatments as lighting of the camera flash to get
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is less hazardous and in many instances, less powerful and very different from a laser compared
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550 nm (nm = nanometer or billionth of the meter and measuring
the wavelength of green light within the visible light range)
to feed the filtering of the IPL and strike skin.

The IPL LuxGreen 550 nm light is selectively ingested or ingested from the coloring in brown age spot or dark-reddish brown color of body in a blood vessel.

Deliver damages the blood color when light energy is consumed
Photofacial coloring or blood-vessel, temperature, light or IPL Photofacial
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This method is called certain Photothermolysis. A particular objective, which really is
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Employing color filters put into front of the intense pulsed light beam, various colours may be let-through to
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Unlike lasers, which could cause skin to peel, and possibly scarring, the
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The treated areas can also be slightly red for
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